What we do

The PEI Immigration Partnership (PIP) program is a Province-wide movement towards increased community-based support for newcomers in cities and towns across Prince Edward Island.

This IRCC funded program is grounded in partnerships and collaboration among municipalities, service providers, provincial government departments, organizations, and community and business leaders, who are actively seeking to sustain and grow PEI through immigration.


A collective place for publications, surveys, and information related to the community and the LIP initiative.


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Our Mission

Uniting voices of organizations with voices of experience, to create supportive, welcoming, and inclusive communities

Our Vision

Increase growth in more PEI communities through community-based, province-wide, strategy and action for improved integration and retention of new residents.

Becoming PEI LIP

In September 2015, following over 5 years of informal conversation between community partners, PEI LIP became a reality. Partners joined together with the initial goal of ensuring that PEI is a place where newcomers and immigrants are welcomed, valued, and are able to fully participate in the community.

The PEI Local Immigration Partnership is built on existing networks and coalitions and seeks to support ongoing collaboration and information sharing, guided by those who have firsthand experience as newcomers. Their stories and wisdom will be used to ground our work.

Join Us

Be part of this community initiative as we begin to identify local priorities through extensive consultation with newcomers and the general community

Apply to The Immigrant Advisor y Group

The IAG will be comprised of immigrants who live/work in PEI, have a broad range of educational and occupational backgrounds and are willing to share their lived experience as guidance for the PEI LIP to create a local strategic plan specific to our community.