Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces

Priorities that fall under “welcoming” are increased participation of new residents in communities and workplaces, an improved sense of belonging, and enhanced social, economic, and civic opportunity.

‘The cohesion and vitality of Canadian communities depends upon the successful settlement and integration of newcomers. Increasingly, communities are recognizing the value and benefit of newcomers and the importance of making plans for their arrival and integration. Increasingly, municipalities are recognizing the impact of their services as it relates to the integration outcomes of newcomers’
(John Biles, Assistant Director, IRCC).

In PEI, the need for welcoming and inclusive communities, for sustained attraction, and improved integration and retention of newcomers, could not be higher. As of 2015, PEI’s natural population growth ceased (https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/sites/default/files/publications/pt_pop_proj.pdf). PEI’s population would be in decline, if not for immigration; most of PEI’s growth overall is dependent on immigration .

However, not all PEI cities and towns are experiencing growth through immigration, nor the amount of growth needed to sustain population levels. This is evident in census results, Provincial publications, and PEIANC registration statistics (where 92% of newcomers identified one PEI region as their area of residence).

Upon release, the 2016 census raised the alarm on population decline in a number of PEI communities that experienced double-digit population loss in a five-year period. Even growth communities are not immune to loss; these areas remain the epicenter for low retention rates. Considering this, the importance of attracting newcomers to communities across PEI, building welcoming and inclusive communities, and also, creating the conditions needed for improved retention, are all priorities for strengthening and growing PEI’s population.

Retaining Newcomers


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